The magnitude and complexity of a construction project makes it essential to focus on health and safety of its labor force.

Good  occupational health and safety practices yield benefits to organizations in long run. Healthy workers are productive, add value to organizations.

Hence providing occupational health and safety services to construction workers forms the ‘need of the hour

Discoy has establised the following processes with respect to worker safety.

Occupational health Audit 
Pre-employment medical examination
Periodical medical examination
Training in First Aid
Health promotion at workplace

At sites Discoy also conducts the following

Periodic Safety awareness programs
Training in proper use of equipment.
Daily safety orientation before start of work

The necessary safety protection equipment as required for the activity of work are provided to the teams such as:

Apart from the emphasis on personnel protection equipment, we also provide necessary safety barriers such as nets, ropes, scaffold locked in position, fire extinguishers, first aid boxes, etc.

We at Discoy are committed to ensure the well being of our labour force and make every attempt to ensure that all aspects of safety are adhered to the best standards.