Safety, Health and Environment.

We at Discoy are committed to ensure the well being of our labour force and make every attempt to ensure that all aspects of safety are adhered to the best standards.

The magnitude and complexity of a construction project also makes it essential to focus on health and safety of its labor force.

Good occupational health and safety practices yield benefits to organizations in long run. Healthy workers are productive, add value to organizations.

Hence providing occupational health and safety services to construction workers forms the ‘need of the hour’

Safety Policy

Discoy Safety Policy is to fully recognize the importance of Safety, Health, Welfare & Morale of all employees and also for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment at all the time. In accordance with Client- health, safety and environmental General Instructions.

To establish high standards of safety. All project personnel from Management Staff and below shall comply with the safety rules and regulations and also the following code of construction for safety lay down by the company.

To ensure that each and every one of us has a duty and responsibility for safety of self and others.

Meeting in all respects of the applicable statutory requirements.

Comply with safety rules and regulations and to eliminate all unsafe activities.

Find out all possibility of accidents and take appropriate safety production to avoid any risk of health or untoward incident.

Encouraging, effective implementation of safe working procedures and practices.

Maintaining a hazard free, clean and safe work environment at project site.

Enhance the safety procedures and knowledge through frequent education and training using advanced audio visual aids, to all employees.

Environmental Policy.

Discoy recognizes the responsibilities placed on it by the relevant Environmental Legislation and Regulations on the nature, scale and environmental impacts of its activities,products and services.

Top Management will take all reasonable steps to ensure that it complies with the legislation and other requirements including a commitment to continued improvement and prevention of pollution. The management recognizes that statutory obligations and regulations are accepted as minimum requirements only.

Discoy, in order to meet its Environmental Objectives will provide sufficient resources of time, personnel and finance. It is also the policy of the Company to provide information, training and supervision to its workforce in pursuance of these objectives to ensure its subcontractors provide similar resources and arrangements.

It is the duty of all personnel (including suppliers, subcontractors and visitors) to take all reasonable precautions to improve our environmental performance by preventing Pollution, Reducing Waste, Minimizing Hazardous Waste, and Recycling Waste as much as possible.

Our legal and moral responsibilities to the Environment dictate that we all must know and comply with the environmental regulations and the impact of our operations on the Environment.

Management Commitment

Discoy Management Team are responsible for leading and engaging the workforce in meeting our Clients health & safety, technical integrity and environmental goals and objectives. Our Project Management team will be held accountable for accomplishing this by demonstrating correct HSE behavior, by clearly defining HSE roles and responsibilities, by providing needed resources and by measuring, reviewing and continuously improving our HSE performance.

Our Project Management team shall sign, distribute and emphasize the project’s HSE policy at the outset of the project

Exercise leadership that exemplifies the fullest commitment to all aspects of health, safety and environmental concern, bit personally and form a corporate perspective

Integrating HSE responsibilities through the implementation of the behavior based HSE Program, HSE leadership workshops and HSE leadership behavior reviews

Promoting HSE performance as a value in every activity from initial project start through to project completion.

Discoy has establised the following processes with respect to worker health.

  • Occupational health Audit
  • Pre-employment medical examination
  • Periodical medical examination
  • Training in First Aid
  • Health promotion at workplace

At sites Discoy also conducts the following

Periodic Safety awareness programs

Training in proper use of equipment.

Daily safety orientation before start of work.

The necessary safety protection equipment as required for the activity of work are provided to the teams such as:

Apart from the emphasis on personnel protection equipment, we also provide necessary safety barriers such as nets, ropes, scaffold locked in position, fire extinguishers, first aid boxes, etc.

HSE Goals at Project Sites.

  • Zero Incidents
  • Zero Accidents
  • Minimization of Risk to all employees
  • Training all employees on Health and Safety
  • Conformance to H&S Legislation and Regulation
  • Weekly Walkthrough
  • Weekly Safety Committee Meeting
  • Strong Disciplinary Action for Safety Violators
  • Promote Safety Incentive Program
  • Prevention of Pollution
  • Minimize Waste
  • Emergency Drill

We at Discoy are committed to ensure the well being of our labour force and make every attempt to ensure that all aspects of safety are adhered to the highest standards.